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OLR 2016 Result Announcement

APSIPA ASC 2016 (Asia Pacific Signal and Information Processing Association) took place on Dec 13, 2016, in Jeju, Korea. It’s one of the top signal and information processing conference of Asia Pacific. There are more than 300 experts and researchers of the field participant the event.

Tsinghua University and Speechocean co-organized an Oriental Language Recognition Challenge(OLR Challenge), it’s a part of Special Session of Oriental Multilingual Speech and Language Processing. Database is provided by Speechocean which includes 7 oriental languages, i.e. AP16-OL7 Corpus, free open to all the participants. Meanwhile, baseline is provided by Tsinghua University. It’s open to global academic institutions, universities and industry firms.  

Prof. Wang Dong announced the results & ranking in the special session:

Details of AP16-OL7

This corpus contents 7 oriental languages, with total 71 hours recording time. It’s manually transcribed by native speakers; a pronunciation lexicon comes along with each language.

To our best knowledge, it’s the first and only speech corpus special designed for oriental languages.


For more information, please check the paper “AP16-OL7: A Multilingual Database for Oriental Languages and A Language Recognition Baseline”.

Speechocean provides 18 oriental language speech corpus so far, recording hours are about 50000 hours. All the languages have pronunciation lexicon.

In the conference, Speechocean impressed the participants with the language coverage of 110+ languages and dialects, as well as diversified speech, text and lexicon. Especially with the unique languages for instance Hebrew, North Korean, Catalan, Arabic and etc.

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