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OLR 2017 Result Announcement

Following the success of Oriental Language Recognition (OLR) 2016 Challenge, the new challenge in this year (OLR 2017) was jointly organized by Speechocean and Tsinghua University, and the results was announced in APSIPA ASC 2017 conference, holding in Kuala Lumpur, Dec 14th, 2017.

OLR 2017 set up more challenging tasks than 2016:

-- Testing and training languages increased from 7 languages in 2016 to 10 languages in this year, including Mandarin, Cantonese, Indonesian, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Vietnamese, Kazak, Tibetan and Uyghur.

-- OLR 2017 set individual tasks of shorter speech segments for 1 second and 3 seconds on the basis of original segments in 2016.

-- The total speech time was increased from 71 hour in 2016 to 140 hours in 2017.

The dataset is as below:

OLR 2017 attracted 31 teams from 19 countries and regions to participate. Eventually, there were 19 teams represented their results. Those teams are respectively from Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Singapore and Australia.

The distribution of teams:

The top six teams with best over-all performance (exceeding baseline systems):

The top ten teams with best performance on the short-utterance condition (exceeding baseline systems):

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